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MINBAR-obs column descriptors


The instr column for both the minbar and minbar-obs tables are encoded as three-character strings. The first two characters indicates the instrument:

XPxRossi X-ray Timing Explorer Proportional Counter Array (PCA)
SWxBeppoSAX Wide-Field Camera (WFC)
IJxINTEGRAL Joint European X-ray Monitor (JEM-X)

The third character indicates the camera number, for the WFC and JEM-X. For the PCA, it encodes the number of PCUs on, as follows:

CodePCUs onCodePCUs onCodePCUs on

Note that for some observations, the number of PCUs on changes throughout the observation. Thus, the PCU code reflects the number of PCUs on for the longest sub-interval

See the instr column page for additional details


The obsid column for both the minbar and minbar-obs tables have a format dependent upon the instrument:

NNNNN is the five-digit proposal number
TT is the two-digit target number
VV is the two-digit viewing numberwhich tracks the number of scheduled looks at the target
SS is the two-digit sequence number used for identifying different pointings that make up the same viewing
X the 15th character, when present, indicates A/Z, slew before/after observation; S/R, raster scan/grid observation; C,D,G,H,I,T,F,U, ObsIDs that may contain data gaps.
See the full description at the GOF site, and note also the caveats related to data with gaps
BeppoSAX/WFC nnnn[_bb] where
nnnn is the Observation Period. Note that for minbar the burst number bb within the observation is appended
RRRR is the revolution number of the S/C as defined from perigee passage
PPPP is the pointing number within the revolution and is always reset to "0000" when the revolution number increments
SSS is the subdivision number for a Science Window with a given RRRR and PPPP value. The minimum value of SSS allowed is "001" and always resets with a change of value of PPPP
F is the type identifier of the Science Window with allowed values of (0) for "Pointing", (1) for "Slew", and (2) for "Engineering".
See the full description of INTEGRAL Science Window Data at the GOF site.

See the obsid column page for additional details

count, counte

The estimated mean count rate and uncertainty averaged over the entire observation.

For JEM-X, this was initially taken from the light curves, but these are less reliable than the spectra, due to the possible contribution of crosstalk from other sources in the FOV. Where the spectrum is available, these values have been replaced by the net count rates from the spectrum, and the observation has been flagged 32 otherwise.


Estimated significance of the observation, calculated from the count rate: sig=count/counte.


The flag column for both the minbar and minbar-obs tables is intended to indicate various analysis conditions. Multiple conditions can be present for the same entry, and so this many-to-many relationship is encoded by setting the relevant bit of the flag value. For example, a burst with flag=10 can be decoded as

10 = 23+21

i.e. flag condition "3" (data gaps) and "1" (offset pointing) apply to this event. I also list below the letter which corresponds to the label provided in the RXTE/MIT burst catalog.

The following flags were not used in the RXTE catalog, as the observation database was not part of that release.

The flags below are adapted from the categories identified for the RXTE version, but modified to incorporate new attributes and/or additions to the workflow. For example the flag=1 cases in the RXTE database (indicating offset pointing) can now be identified via the angle attribute.

bitflagRXTE flaglabeldescription
 -1  Invalid observation, not for science use; retained for archival purposes only
 00-No significant analysis issues
0116aMultiple sources active in the field, but sources other than the named source contribute negligible flux RXTE
1216bMultiple sources active in the field and sources other than the named origin contribute non-negligible flux RXTE
2416cMultiple sources active in the field and no information is available about the relative intensities RXTE
3832dCould not constrain persistent flux in the spectral fit; flux value is 3-sigma upper limit (replaced "No active sources detected in the field", but these are not included in MINBAR)
41664eStandard filtering left no good times RXTE
532128fNo Standard-2 data RXTE, or no spectrum available JEM-X
664256 Data processing failed RXTE
7128 gNo FITS data available in archive; possibly a re-assigned obsid, or observation

See the flag column page for additional details

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