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This page lists information about the MINBAR-obs observation database, including update procedures

Below are listed the columns of the database, and a brief description of each.

This is copied initially from minbar-obs.dbd

addedc*10Date observation added [dd-mm-yyyy]
instrc*3Instrument (XPx/SWx/IJx/...) as for burst db
obsidc*20Observation ID/period/SCW
idi*4Reference ID for external (e.g. RXTE) catalog
tstartr*8Start time (MJD)
tstopr*8Stop time (MJD)
expr*4Exposure (seconds)
flagi*2Generic "quality"" flag for this observation; various purposes
rar*4R.A., nominal pointing (decimal hours)
decr*4Dec., nominal pointing (decimal degrees)
namec*30Name of target, where relevant (from source catalog)
angler*4Off-axis angle (arcmin)
vigcorrr*4Vignetting correction applied to data (if any). For RXTE data, we prefer to generate the response appropriately for the source
nbursti*2Number of bursts detected in the observation
countr*4Background-subtracted mean rate for target source (count/s/cm2)
counter*4Uncertainty on mean rate for target source (count/s/cm2)
sigr*4Significance at which the source is detected
modelc*64Spectral model (xspec syntax?)
chisqrr*4(Mean) reduced chi-sqr of spectral fits (where >1 instrument)
chisqrer*4Standard deviation of chi-sqr from spectral fits, if relevant
fluxr*4Mean flux (3-25 keV, 10^-9 erg/cm^2/s)
fluxer*4Error on flux
eminr*4Minimum of energy band for fit [keV]
emaxr*4Maximum of energy band for fit [keV]
gammar*4Gamma (ratio of persistent flux to mean peak flux of radius-expansion bursts); after vppl88
par1r*4Spectral parameter 1 (depending upon spectral model)
par1er*4Error on spectral parameter 1; set to -1 if parameter is frozen
par2r*4Spectral parameter 2
par2er*4Error on spectral parameter 2
par3r*4Spectral parameter 3
par3er*4Error on spectral parameter 3
par4r*4Spectral parameter 4
par4er*4Error on spectral parameter 4
par5r*4Spectral parameter 5
par5er*4Error on spectral parameter 5
par6r*4Spectral parameter 6
par6er*4Error on spectral parameter 6
par7r*4Spectral parameter 7
par7er*4Error on spectral parameter 7
par8r*4Spectral parameter 8
par8er*4Error on spectral parameter 8
par9r*4Spectral parameter 9
par9er*4Error on spectral parameter 9
scr*4Soft colour
scer*4Soft colour uncertainty
hcr*4Hard colour
hcer*4Hard colour uncertainty
s_zr*4S_Z value, giving position in the colour-colour diagram

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Page last modified on February 22, 2016, at 01:18 AM