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JEM-X Data For Minbar-obs

This page details the recipe for updating the MINBAR-obs database with JEM-X spectral fits.

  1. log into and navigate to the burst/minbar directory
  2. invoke IDL
  3. initialise minbar with the command minbar_init
  4. initiate the spectral fitting routine:
    .run obsflux
    This routine searches for JEM-X observations that do not yet have an entry in the flux column, and runs the spectral fitting routine obsflux on it. The code will initially display
    Running fits for 201505 spectra, type .cont[return] to start...
    so just type .cont to commence
  5. Initially the script will stop after each attempt at fitting. If you are happy that it is operating correctly, you can set the cont variable:
    and it will subsequently continue automatically.

Some points to note:

  • ignore errors reporting "fitting gave no valid results", these may be because the source is not detected (you can check the sig value reported for the observation).
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Page last modified on July 15, 2014, at 02:04 AM