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Obsid Column

The obsid column for both the minbar and minbar-obs tables have a format dependent upon the instrument:

NNNNN is the five-digit proposal number
TT is the two-digit target number
VV is the two-digit viewing numberwhich tracks the number of scheduled looks at the target
SS is the two-digit sequence number used for identifying different pointings that make up the same viewing
X the 15th character, when present, indicates A/Z, slew before/after observation; S/R, raster scan/grid observation; C,D,G,H,I,T,F,U, ObsIDs that may contain data gaps.
See the full description at the GOF site, and note also the caveats related to data with gaps
BeppoSAX/WFC nnnn[_bb] where
nnnn is the Observation Period. Note that for minbar the burst number bb within the observation is appended
RRRR is the revolution number of the S/C as defined from perigee passage
PPPP is the pointing number within the revolution and is always reset to "0000" when the revolution number increments
SSS is the subdivision number for a Science Window with a given RRRR and PPPP value. The minimum value of SSS allowed is "001" and always resets with a change of value of PPPP
F is the type identifier of the Science Window with allowed values of (0) for "Pointing", (1) for "Slew", and (2) for "Engineering".
See the full description of INTEGRAL Science Window Data at the GOF site.

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