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Here are the columns of the MINBAR database, and a brief description of each.

This is copied initially from minbar.dbd. Column names link to more detailed descriptions.

Note that the details (e.g. units) may not be up to date; the definitive description is in the paper (Table 10)

addedc*10Date burst added [dd-mm-yyy]
instrc*3Instrument (XTE/WFC/JMX/...)
obsidc*20Observation ID
idi*4Reference ID for external (e.g. RXTE) catalog
timer*8Burst start time (t_25) [MJD]
typei*2Burst type (1=thermonuclear, 2=accretion instability, 3=superburst, 4=GRB))
baryshiftr*4Add to time to get the arrival time at SS barycentre [s]
rar*4"R.A. of origin, where known [decimal hours, J2000]"
decr*4"Dec of origin, where known [decimal degrees, J2000]"
namec*22Likely source origin (name refers to separate source catalog)
multi*2Number of instruments which have observed this event
angler*4Angle from the pointing axis [arcmin]
vigcorrr*4Vignetting correction factor (e.g. for off-axis bursts seen by RXTE)
pcountr*4Peak count rate [count/s]
pcounter*41-sigma error on peak count rate
pfluxr*4Peak burst flux [count/s/cm^2]
pfluxer*4Error on peak burst flux [count/s/cm^2]
fluenr*4Burst fluence [count/cm^2]
fluener*4Error on fluence [count/cm^2]
eminr*4Minimum of energy band for flux & fluence (0=bolometric) [keV]
emaxr*4Maximum of energy band (0 for bolometric) [keV]
bpfluxr*4Maximum bolometric flux (from blackbody fit) [1e-9 erg/cm^2/s]
bpfluxer*4Error on bolometric flux
kTr*4Blackbody temperature at flux maximum [keV]
kTer*4Error on blackbody temperature
radr*4Blackbody normalisation at flux maximum [(km^2/d_10kpc)^2]
rader*4Error on blackbody normalisation
bfluenr*4Bolometric fluence (i.e. integrated bol. flux) [1e-6 erg/cm^2]
bfluener*4Error on bolometric fluence
nHr*4Absorption column density for blackbody fit [10^22 cm^-2]
nHer*4Error on absorption column density
rexpi*2"Radius-expansion flag (1=no, 2=yes, 3=marginal, -1=can't tell)"
flagi*2"Flag for analysis conditions, as for RXTE catalog"
riser*4Burst rise time (=t_90-t_25) [s]
riseer*4Error on burst rise [s]
taur*4Burst timescale (fluence/peak flux) [s]
tauer*4Error on burst timescale
durr*4Burst duration [s]
durer*4Error on burst duration [s]
bnumi*2Burst number within observation
edtr*4First decay constant for exponential fit to profile [s]
edter*4Error on first decay constant
tdelr*4Separation [hr]
trecr*4(Inferred) recurrence time [hr]
perflxr*4Persistent flux at the time of the burst [1e-9 erg/cm^2/s]
perflxer*4Error on persistent flux [1e-9 erg/cm^2/s]
peminr*4Minimum of energy band for persistent flux [keV]
pemaxr*4Maximum of energy band for persistent flux [keV]
alphar*4Ratio of integrated persistent flux to burst fluence
alphaer*4Error on alpha value
bcr*4Bolometric correction for persistent flux
bcer*4Error on bolometric correction
gammar*4Normalised persistent flux; following vppl88
scr*4Soft colour (defined at present only for RXTE bursts)
hcr*4Hard colour (ditto)
s_zr*4Position on the colour-colour diagram

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