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Below are the list of completed tasks, moved over from the status page

The paper

Task assigned to status
complete burst oscillation summary section (7.2) including answering Jean's questions at the start; downselecting figures (keep Fig. 29, 30 & 33) and writing captions etc. Also address comments etc. in sec. 4.3 lo, aw complete 20.12.19
identify any outstanding analysis tasks that should populate the “summary” subsections that correspond to each table (bursts, burst oscillations, and observations). The relevant sections are 6.2, 7.2 and 8.2 all complete
include duty cycle values, to be calculated along with the rates, for comparison of e.g. burst overlap dkg complete 4.12.19
complete burst summary section (6) possibly including correlation between rise times (and duration?) and alpha dkg, jc complete 18.11.19
add comments on the bursts with $ \gamma>1 $ in figure 24; should mention that these events are long known to be discrepant (compared to theory), also may not exceed the Eddington rate by as much as is indicated, due to uncertainties in bolometric corrections, inclination etc. any complete 18.11.19
fine-tune introduction; break into sub-sections? dkg complete
burst summary (6.3) section on burst peak fluxes and temperatures; mostly complete, but need to reconcile discrepancy in fluxes measured with JEM-X and PCA jmz complete
contribute section on burster distances (requested) hw, ek complete
write Discussion sub-sections on results of MINBAR analysis to date, published by collaboration members. I’ve listed some relevant topics in the discussion section, and we’ve assigned sections to different people. Please review the draft and see if any have been assigned to you, and try to contribute some text by the deadline (late Jan 2018). The goal here is not to do entirely new analysis, but rather summarise the work that has already been published (by members of the collaboration), and enabled (or assisted) by the assembly of the MINBAR sample. all complete
convert template to AASTeX 6.3 dkg complete 7.10.19
add a plot to section 9 (actually sec. 6, MINBAR summary) showing the peak burst flux (column pflux) for JEM-X and WFC bursts from 4U 1728-34, as a function of off-axis angle, to demonstrate the effect of this parameter. jc/dkg complete
burst summary (6.3) section on burst duration (or perhaps tau) vs.gamma, as for Galloway et al. (2008), highlighting the different groups over a wide range of parameter space hw complete
long burst from SLX 1735-269 on MJD 52897.733 (see Molkov et al. 2005; in 't Zand et al. 2010) is missing from the catalog; Jérôme reports, the data was taken in the outdated "restricting imaging mode" of JEM-X. ... only this ScW during that day is affected by this data format. This [mode] was abandoned ... and this data format is not supported anymore probably since OSA 4 (we are at OSA 10 now). This issue is not resolvable for the sample, but is discussed in the context of completeness in section 8 (Burst catalog) modulo some fine details jc, dkg complete
fill in details of time-resolved spectroscopy section for WFC; mainly complete, but there are a few questions and details missing jmz complete 11.4.19
contribute burst summary section on burst rates dkg complete
review burst oscillation table and convert to LaTeX ASCII, write description section dkg complete 6.6.2018
include systems with no bursts in MINBAR in the source table dkg complete 5.3.2018
fill in details of burst lightcurve section (3.4) jmz completed
add nH values to the source table; remove the (meaningless) number of observations, and check the observation duration for RXTE observations dkg complete 24.11.2016


Task assigned to status
incorporate Laura's burst oscillation analysis into minbar (see Attach:Thesis_L_S_Ootes.pdf Δ, and emailed data from 2016 Mar 2. Preliminary table created, but needs to be augmented with data from "missing" bursts (see item above) lo, dkg complete 20.12.19
cross-calibrate RXTE bursts with BeppoSAX, and (ultimately) RXTE with JEM-X. Preliminary analysis complete; see the plots in the paper; Jean to review. See also the (likely out of date) cross-calibration page dkg, jz complete
calculate bolometric correction (columns: bc, bce) for all bursts (see dkg complete 20.12.19
update gamma values based on new bolometric corrections; see entry in the minbar-obs section below. Will also need then to update any figures or analyses that depend on the gamma values dkg complete 17.12.19
verify lightcurve fit parameters to ensure that new values are comparable to previous values (e.g. for the RXTE database); check for outliers, and correct/flag if necessary help wanted complete 6.12.19
add the G08 burst number and possibly also the MINBAR observation ID and reference string (basically all the columns that are in the ASCII table but not the IDL db) to the minbar IDL database, to allow it to be queried via the online interface dkg complete 6.12.19
Correct peak burst fluxes, fluences for WFC & JEM-X based on cross-calibration results; both the effective area difference and the spectral issue (JEM-X peak fluxes vs. PCA) dkg complete
Reconcile different units for blackbody normalisation at burst maximum for WFC bursts, in $ (R/d_{10 kpc}) $ and PCA bursts, in $ (R/d_{10 kpc})^2 $ dkg complete 25.11.19
Cross-check JEM-X sample for completeness against list in Chelovekov et al. (2017) jc, dkg complete 15.11.19
Cross-check MINBAR sample for completeness against GBM list in Jenke et al. (2016) just one match! dkg complete 11.10.19
Add burst references from list in Lyu et al. (2016) (lyu16; see table matched lyu16_vs_minbar.txt) dkg complete 4.7.19
fixed peak fluxes for 11 WFC bursts, identified by Hauke, with updated analysis values supplied by Jean dkg complete 10.6.19
confirm emin, emax values; seem to be zero for some bursts where non-zero fluxes are provided, and where non-zero, are inconsistent. Now omitted from tables, listed in paper dkg complete 30.4.19
time-resolved spectroscopy of #2705 (0614+091, RXTE MJD 51944.90) is incomplete, seek instead analysis from in 't Zand et al. (2010)? adopted peak from kuul10, (26.6\pm0.6)E-8 dkg, jmz complete 11.4.19
1035 bursts from WFC are flagged flag=16 ("The burst was so faint that only the peak flux could be measured"), but have non-zero bfluen, bfluene values; flag may be erroneous/outdated, check and update if necessary dkg complete 18.2.19
63 bursts from WFC have perflxe=-1; what does this mean? (source is undetectable, and perflx is the 3-sigma upper limit) If correct, please update the description for this column in the paper (see also below) dkg complete 15.2.19
updated spectral results for WFC bursts to vs5 (supplied by Jean), to resolve issue with excessive perflx values dkg, jz complete 15.2.19
checking no. of PCUs on for RXTE bursts, updating spectral fits & instrument codes where necessary dkg complete 14.2.19
verify that pemin, pemax are consistent for all bursts, and if so omit the values from the ASCII table dkg complete 5.2.19
recalculate the tau values for bursts with good bfluen, bpflux but with more rigorous error checking; augment table with (corrected) tau values for the remainder (including JEM-X bursts) calculated from the photon fluence fluen and peak flux pflux dkg complete 24.1.19
fix time-resolved spectroscopy of #8351 (MXB 1730-335, RXTE MJD 51956.67711), apparently on top of a type-II burst; existing spectral results didn't make sense, attempts to fix them by redefining the background timing didn't help (slew happening during the burst??) #8359 is a similar example set the flag indicating bad background subtraction instead dkg complete 2018 Mar
modify RXTE spectral extraction script to work on FITS data and apply to newly-added bursts to complete time-resolved spectroscopy sample dkg basically complete 2018 Feb
incorporate RXTE bursts of XTE J1812–182 into minbar dkg complete 14.2.18
search BeppoSAX data of XTE J1812–182 for additional bursts jz complete
check rapid burster bursts against Tullio's list. Wrote build/ for this purpose. Need to

add missing bursts to minbar (and observations to minbar-obs)

dkg, jmz, aw completed
add new RXTE bursts, as identified by Jean in the observation review, to minbar dkg complete 3.11.17
re-run lightcurve analysis with newly-added bursts, modified cross-correlation factors & update in database jz, dkg complete 28.11.17
add unknown number of 280 missing JEM-X bursts from rev. 919 through 1166 to minbar (only Swift J185003.2-005627 has been searched for this revolution range). Preliminary analysis results for these obs (and more) can be found in rev1229_combined_burst[_det].log. dkg complete 11.9.2017
review single JEM-X event of 4U 1708-40 (#5504) and consider omitting; cf. with earlier BeppoSAX detections (Migliari et al. 2003). dg complete 28.8.17
search JEM-X, data of XTE J1812–182 for additional bursts (light curves are produced) jc , dkg complete 25.8.17
mark all JEM-X bursts from MXB 1730-335 as type-II, following approach for WFC (& update burst numbers, exposure etc.) dkg complete 22.5.17
ensure that burst times in MINBAR correctly reflect the results of the lightcurve analysis, and check that they also include leap seconds dkg, jmz complete 2017 Mar
re-analyse the 89 BeppoSAX bursts with zero peak bolometric fluxes (bpflux) but nonzero fluence; instances when the statistics did not allow more than 1 time bin for which a significant spectrum could be determined. jmz complete 2016 Nov
update the BeppoSAX burst lightcurve analysis data with Jean's new set of results 2016 Dec 21 dkg complete 5.4.2017
update the BeppoSAX burst spectral fit data with Jean's new set of results wfcbursts_spectralresults_table_vs4 2016 Dec 21 dkg complete 14.3.2017
cross-matched MINBAR bursts with the sample analysed by Falanga et al. 2006; added 2 bursts to MINBAR, two additional bursts (#31 & #35) not visible in the lightcurve, and 7 further bursts (#13–15, 24, 25, 27 & 29) were not covered by the available light curves. Also added cross-refs dkg complete 13.1.2017
update/verify burst sample for 0836-429, as per Aranzana et al. 2015, & add cross-refs dkg complete 17.11.2016
complete lightcurve fits for RXTE and BeppoSAX bursts jmz complete 31.8.2016
re-match bursts from Jean's light curve analysis table, for inclusion into minbar dkg, jmz complete 7.9.2016
For IGR J17498-2921, the archive reports only 2 bursts, versus 12 in Chakraborty & Bhattacharyya 2012. However, as those authors report, "The PCA field of view of these observations contains several known bursters, and hence some of the observed bursts might not be from IGR J17498−2921." Falanga et al. (2012) found only two of the bursts observed in the RXTE observations consistent with an origin at IGR J17498-2921 dkg, tb complete 20.8.15
check source search for JEM-X image files; did not seem to find some strong burst sources in examples (e.g. 122000920010.001) jc complete 18.8.15
copy image files to main data repository at Monash (xray) already copied to dkg's laptop dkg complete 14.8.15
check time system for BeppoSAX bursts, and nominate a time system for all instruments. Fix times for existing events, as needed jmz, dkg complete 7.2015 (UTC)
recover source detection files ima1_src_res.fits for burst images through rev. 1229 jc complete 8/7/2015
generate images (or provide software to generate images) at the time of bursts, through rev. 1229 jc complete 6.2014 (up to fifth burst)
convert JEM-X burst times to UTC dkg complete 3.12.2013


Task assigned to status
replace the bolometric corrections used (function bolcorr_src in to use instead the broader set of averages calculated on a by-source basis; then update gamma values based on new bolometric corrections. Will also need then to update any figures or analyses that depend on the gamma values dkg complete 20.12.19
cross-calibrate RXTE observations with BeppoSAX, and JEM-X. Preliminary analysis complete; see the cross-calibration page. Main task now is completing the spectral fits for the overlapping observations using what range of parameters do we want to cross-calibrate? complete
calculate colours and S_Z values for all possible observations complete 10.9.19
omit the emin, emax values from the table; these are (should be) all consistent, so this information is redundant (although see the item above) dkg, jz complete 30.4.19
resolve discrepancy between flux in minbar-obs and perflx in minbar, for BeppoSAX bursts; former quantity comes from wfcbursts_persistentspectra_table_vs2, latter from wfcbursts_spectralresults_table_vs2, as read in by The latter parameter is based on the observation-averaged flux, but rescaled for the mean count rate at the time of the burst dkg, jz resolved 7.9.18
check RXTE obsids sent by Anya and update as necessary 12.6.18 dkg complete 7.9.18
search BeppoSAX observations for prior detections of the new burst source XTE J1812–182 jz completed
assess what is required to replace the current WFC observation light curves (for publication on the website) jz completed (not to be implemented)
re-create all JEM-X spectra with OSA >=10.2, to solve issues with unphysically low STAT_ERR (and consequently enormous chi2 values) complete though rev. 1199 jc complete 24.10.17
add missing JEM-X observations (overlooked in initial search through rev. 1166) to minbar-obs dg complete 20.10.17
incorporate RXTE and JEM-X observations of the new burst source XTE J1812–182 into minbar-obs dkg complete 23.8.17
add 67992 missing JEM-X observations from rev. 919 through 1166 to minbar-obs (only Swift J185003.2-005627 present). Preliminary analysis results for these obs (and more) can be found in rev1229_combined_obs.log. Light curves likely already present dkg complete 11.6.17
combine the entries where both JEM-X cameras were on, which are currently listed separately for each camera. Average the values, but check that they are broadly consistent, as it is expected there are a few cases where they have very different analysis results now got code to do this, as dkg complete 31.5.17
add missing observations to minbar-obs; complete for WFC and PCA; still need to do JEM-X Jérôme reports that he has both light curves and spectra for these observations; not present on xray, and couldn't find them in r6/jemx/MINBAR/Catalog jc, dkg complete 19.5.2017
replace/merge JEM-X observations of SLX 1744-299 with those of SLX 1744-300 complete 2017 May
test preliminary fits for JEM-X persistent spectra (e.g. via the cross-calibration, see above), and adjust extraction routine if necessary complete 2015 Oct
incorporate new WFC persistent spectral fit data (vs5, 14.8.2015) into minbar-obs dkg complete 18.9.15
generate JEM-X light-curves & persistent spectra for new burst source IGR J00291+5934 jc complete
generate all persistent spectra for JEM-X data through rev. 1229 jc complete 18.8.15
resolve possible discrepancy for spectral models, parameters for WFC observations. Also fix -ve exposure for OP 9483 (1246-588 etc.) requires complete reanalysis jmz complete 14.8.15
generate colour-colour diagrams, using photon flux colours for RXTE observations and map colours onto S_Z values, for the six sources with a large variation in spectral shape: 4U 1702-429, 4U 1636-536, 4U 1608-52, 4U 1728-34, KS 1731-26, & Aql X-1 dkg complete 8/7/2015
fix blank instr attributes dkg complete
convert JEM-X start, end times to UTC dkg complete 3.12.2013


This table is stored as a FITS file, minbar_sources.fits. It is based initially on the INTEGRAL source catalog, and so new additions are copied from there.

Task assigned to status
corrections/additions to list as per Jean's email of 29 June 2017 dkg/jc complete 30.4.19
check the entry for 4U 2129+12; the eclipsing source with the short orbital period may actually be the other source in M15 (M15 X-1), in which case we need to blank the orbital period value and remove the "E" flag jz, dkg complete 1.4.19
added discovery string, references to FITS file, table jz, dkg complete 14.3.19
check "Type" code in table against known behaviour of sources, and reconcile with numbers in text jz/all complete 12.6.18
set the vigcorr attribute for the RXTE bursts (and observations?) based on Jean's file; also check (and update) the values for the WFC bursts (from wfcbursts_visibility_vs3.dat; previously I used -vs0.dat). dkg complete 2.10.18
determine a suitable F_Edd value for IGR J17480-2446 (possibly following the approach adopted for the Rapid Burster, or via the other bursters in Terzan 5) so that the gamma-values can be determined, and apply to the tables hw, dkg complete 8.10.18
update lightcurve parameters including revised burst start times for all bursts with revised analysis from Jean; check for negative durations as part of this process (present in the current set) jz, dkg complete 20.9.18
check faint (pflux<0.5) bursts from SLX 1744-300 observed with RXTE; these may actually be from another source in the field, as they're significant outliers compared to the rest of the sample fixed with the updated lightcurve analysis and vigcorr values, 2018 Sep dkg, jz complete 20.9.18
update blank pcount attributes for 103 PCA bursts, using Ultimately avoided this problem by omitting pcount, pcounte from the burst ASCII table dkg complete 7.9.18
resolve spurious risee values; carried over from earlier lightcurve analysis. Replace or omit for DR1? Omitted from ASCII table (and from the paper) jz, dkg complete 5.9.18
fix null bnum for some JEM-X bursts dkg complete 4.9.18
update the PRE codes with Luis' final assessment based on the lightcurve analysis; first step is to add the PRE flags for the training set bursts (done), next to change the data type for rexp column to float, and add the classification results 2017 Mar 28 dkg, jz complete 4.9.18
review PRE flags for all RXTE bursts to allow updated measurement of Eddington flux with complete sample of bursts, taking into account intrinsic scatter and flux offsets between instruments hw, dkg complete 31.8.18
add an ultracompact (U C) "Type" code in table against known examples/candidates; Jean to supply list jz/dkg complete 26.4.18
check source positions for listed sources against best available in literature all complete 26.4.18
set nH value for IGR J17254-3257 in the source table dkg complete 29.11.17
Add XMMU J181227.8-181234 = XTE J1812-182 to the list (see ATel #10567) jc complete 7.8.17
add IGR J17445-2747 to the list (ATel #10256) jc complete 2017 May
update table files and burst source website at dg complete (v1.9) 11.9.2015
add new burster IGR J00291+5934 (July 15) jc complete
add new transient MAXI J1421-613 Jan 15 jc complete (v1.8) 2/7/2015
add new Terzan 5 transient, Swift J174805.3-244637 28.7.14 complete
add IGR J17062-6143; first burst detected on 2012 June 25 degenaar13a 18.6.15 jc complete
add new INTEGRAL transient in NGC 6440, IGR J17488-2018 (although suggested to be = SAX J1748.8–2021 Feb 15 jc complete (v1.8) 2/7/2015

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