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This list of 115 thermonuclear burst sources is extracted from the MINBAR source catalog.

The name links to the discovery paper for that source (NASA ADS), and the NH (neutral hydrogen column density) and Porb (orbital period) also links to the reference for the measurement (where available). See below the table for a description, and see also a detailed description of the columns

The full MINBAR sample, including the FITS file source for this list, can be found in the online collection and is described in Galloway et al. 2020, ApJS 249. 32.

The list has been generated by exporting selected columns to a csv file and using the CSVInclude recipe to display as a table.

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IGR J00291+5934BPT7.26270859.571920.462.46011.90.00091
4U 0513-40BGC78.527-40.044110.030.283358.70.04296
4U 0614+09ABRSC94.280629.1370670.380.85528.50.00182
EXO 0748-676BDEOT117.14042-67.75220.803.8235722.90.18659
4U 0836-429BT129.34833-42.9005552.20 8212.90.16335
2S 0918-549BC140.1103-55.20680.350.29711.20.0065
4U 1246-588BC192.41402-59.087410.50 412.50.00365
4U 1254-69BDS194.4048-69.289170.323.933419.40.01888
SAX J1324.5-6313B201.12625-63.2305561.50 114.40.00356
4U 1323-62BD201.65129-62.136082.422.939914.20.06534
MAXI J1421-613BT215.40837-61.606926.17 010.80.001
Cen X-4BRT224.59134-31.6687220.0615.103.30.00327
Cir X-1ABDMRT230.1703-57.166740.66398.41410.90.00709
4U 1543-624BC236.97787-62.56817 0.3010.90.00099
UW CrBBDE241.4411325.862556 1.8504.10.00266
4U 1608-522ABOST243.1792-52.423060.8912.8914511.70.08709
MAXI J1621-501BT245.0917-50.019895.200.0011.70.00092
4U 1636-536ABOS250.23154-53.7514460.253.866411.40.25797
MAXI J1647-227BT252.05133-23.014877  011.40.00094
XTE J1701-462TZR?255.24358-46.185722.00 614.80.00533
XTE J1701-407BT255.43471-40.858363.10 112.50.00175
MXB 1658-298BDEOT255.5272-29.9456460.207.11278.80.03052
4U 1702-429ABO256.5638-43.0357481.87 28413.30.12726
IGR J17062-6143BPTC256.56772-61.711250.230.63283607.70.00141
4U 1708-23B257.0958-22.80333  01.10.00967
4U 1705-32BC257.22614-32.3325350.40 111.00.00192
4U 1705-44BAR257.22696-44.1020431.90 26713.10.11828
XTE J1709-267TBC257.37668-26.6555270.44 119.30.02743
XTE J1710-281BDET257.55222-28.1308330.403.284710.40.07207
4U 1708-40B258.0993-40.842782.70 012.20.00088
SAX J1712.6-3739TBC258.1547-37.644391.34 212.50.00153
2S 1711-339TB258.58243-34.046471.50 2112.40.03591
RX J1718.4-4029BC259.6006-40.491781.32 211.80.00323
1H 1715-321BT259.69592-32.17043  014.10.00077
IGR J17191-2821BOT259.81305-28.299190.30 514.00.01862
XTE J1723-376TB260.91125-37.6616677.94 1212.40.02346
IGR J17254-3257TBC261.35626-32.954861.79 1115.70.01746
4U 1722-30GBAC261.88702-30.8023070.78 9718.90.02794
4U 1728-34ABORC262.99033-33.8337632.600.1795117318.90.27327
MXB 1730-335TGBDR263.35254-33.3888321.66 12619.90.05383
KS 1731-260BOST263.5561-26.08851.30 36618.80.20205
Swift J1734.5-3027 263.60074-30.3980560.67 018.80.00057
1RXH J173523.7-354013B263.8458-35.67023  010.30.00105
SLX 1732-304GBRT263.94693-30.4820271.63 121.50.00073
IGR J17380-3749BT264.49506-37.772110.81 07.30.00149
SLX 1735-269BSC264.57132-26.9940571.50 2321.00.00733
4U 1735-444ABR?S264.7429-44.450.144.65719.60.03595
XTE J1739-285TB264.9748-28.4963342.01 4322.50.02099
SLX 1737-282BC265.17847-28.3023341.90 323.70.00106
IGR J17445-2747BT266.12683-27.766756 0.0021.30.00051
KS 1741-293TB266.21274-29.3546733.00 2925.50.00949
XMM J174457-2850.3BT266.23892-28.83897  09.60.00112
GRS 1741.9-2853BOT266.25967-28.9137711.30 2725.40.00901
AX J1745.6-2901TBE266.39767-29.026 8.356025.50.0
1A 1742-289TBR266.40494-29.0179610.00 325.50.00103
1A 1742-294B266.52167-29.5148051.16 79425.70.14603
SAX J1747.0-2853BTS266.76083-28.8830288.80 11325.70.03268
IGR J17464-2811T?BC266.81732-28.188.90 225.20.00079
IGR J17473-2721T266.82532-27.3440843.80 6122.90.02743
SLX 1744-300BT?266.85837-30.0449454.50 30424.40.06779
SLX 1744-299BT?C266.85788-30.000444  024.40.0
GX 3+1ABS266.98373-26.5637071.59 20421.70.03812
IGR J17480-2446BGOPT267.02008-24.780250.5021.2745430318.31.86544
EXO 1745-248BDGST267.0218-24.7799243.80 2518.30.01783
Swift J174805.3-244637BGT267.02255-24.777222  018.30.00059
1A 1744-361TA?BDR267.05478-36.1325070.411.62414.00.01157
SAX J1748.9-2021TGIAB267.21735-20.3590010.47 4610.60.07288
Swift J1749.4-2807BPT267.3822-28.1347453.008.8168110.50.00202
IGR J17498-2921BOPT267.4806-29.322141.283.843226478.60.03602
4U 1746-37ABDG267.55304-37.0518150.265.163712.10.01923
SAX J1750.8-2900A?BOT267.60175-29.037610.90 2423.40.00915
EXO 1747-214TB267.60217-21.422190.19 112.00.00207
GRS 1747-312BDEGT267.69525-31.2746831.3912.362122.70.0089
IGR J17511-3057BOPT267.78607-30.961390.603.46881611.90.03049
SAX J1752.3-3138BT268.1-31.6283340.49 221.80.00125
SAX J1753.5-2349BT268.3829-23.8207950.88 216.40.00148
AX J1754.2-2754B268.56042-27.909892.70 221.40.00127
IGR J17591-2342BRPT269.7619-23.718944.408.8021.40.0
IGR J17597-2201BD269.9397-22.0275692.84 1612.40.02106
1RXS J180408.9-342058BT271.03488-34.3476070.48 17.30.0718
SAX J1806.5-2215TB271.63403-22.2381440.97 911.80.01239
2S 1803-245TBAR271.71133-24.5912780.63 314.30.0031
MAXI J1807+132TB272.0314313.25150.230.0014.30.00076
SAX J1808.4-3658BOPRT272.115-36.9788630.122.0141671210.90.01841
XTE J1810-189BT272.5869-19.0697784.20 194.30.03563
SAX J1810.8-2609TBO272.6853-26.1503330.35 1614.40.01498
XMMU J181227.8-181234TBC273.11584-18.20944412.80 79.20.05733
XTE J1814-338BOPT273.41266-33.772860.164.274622811.50.13593
GX 13+1ABDR273.6295-17.157253.40577.6110.80.00041
4U 1812-12BAC273.77563-12.0963061.55 259.70.01814
GX 17+2BRSZ274.0058-14.0362831.90 4310.30.01892
Swift J181723.1-164300TB274.34647-16.7167228.00 09.90.00109
SAX J1818.7+1424BT274.6833214.4033330.10 23.70.034
4U 1820-303ABGRSC275.91876-30.3611350.160.196711.00.02866
AX J1824.5-2451GB276.125-24.851.50 19.30.00435
IGR J18245-2452BGTPR276.1354-24.8688340.3011.02578109.30.00116
4U 1822-000B276.34174-0.0119444440.973.1802.60.00409
SAX J1828.5-1037BS277.1415-10.6165281.90 110.00.00665
GS 1826-24TB277.3675-23.7969720.402.0884558.90.27791
XB 1832-330GBC278.9319-32.990770.050.727197.90.02095
Ser X-1BARS279.98985.0359720.38 554.20.06304
Swift J1858.6-0814BDT284.6455-8.2377750.2021.84400.00.0
Swift J185003.2-005627BT282.5139-0.93980557  03.80.00283
4U 1850-086GBAR?C283.27032-8.7055440.390.34345.00.00987
HETE J1900.1-2455BOIT285.0407-24.9011940.161.39106.90.02741
XB 1905+000TBC287.112550.168808340.12 07.50.00143
Aql X-1ABDIORT287.816860.5849580.4018.95967.50.10047
XB 1916-053BADC289.69946-5.23808050.320.8335363.50.07867
Swift J1922.7-1716BT290.65414-17.283630.16 01.80.00606
XB 1940-04B295.65787-3.8808944  02.70.00405
XTE J2123-058TBAE320.81058-5.7981110.075.957361.50.12726
M15 X-2GBCR?322.4922212.1673890.030.37682.10.0276
XB 2129+47BE322.8591347.2901950.405.24010.80.001
Cyg X-2BZR326.1714538.3214150.05236.2708.70.0501
SAX J2224.9+5421B336.2068854.386140.50 111.30.01669

Below is a description of the table (from the FITS file headers)

File minbar_sources.fits v2.8
Created 6 March 2013 by Duncan Galloway <>
Last modified 26th August 2020

This file combines XrBurster_cat.fits, the list of 102 thermonuclear
burst source (supplied by Jerome Chenevez <>) and
the catalog of low-mass X-ray binaries of Liu et al. 2007 (A&A 469, 807)
accessed via TOPCAT (catalog designator J/A+A/469/807/lmxb).

The file also incorporates newly discovered burst sources since

The matching was performed on the position (RA_OBJ, DEC_OBJ from
XrBursters_cat.fits, and _RAJ2000 & _DEJ2000 from J/A+A/469/807/lmxb)
and allowing a maximum offset of 0.1 degree (360 arcsec). This gives
84 pairs, with 18 sources not matched.

Columns added to the original FITS file are
  DISC = discovery string; 3-letter instrument code & year
  DISC_BIBCODE = ADS bibliographic code for burst activity reference
  DISC_BIBLABEL = bibliographic label for burst activity reference
  ERR_CONF = confidence level for positional error
  POS_METHOD = origin of position (X-ray mission, optical, radio etc.)
  POS_BIBCODE = ADS bibliographic code for position reference
  POS_BIBLABEL = bibliographic label for the paper
  RA_ORIG = Original RA from INTEGRAL source catalog (was RA_OBJ)
  DEC_ORIG = Original Dec from INTEGRAL source catalog (was DEC_OBJ)
  Original error radius from INTEGRAL source catalog (ERR_RAD)
  recno = record number
  NAME_2 = source name
  Separation = great-circle distance between the positions of the
               matched sources [arcsec]
  Type = Source type (one or more of A, B, D, E, G, M, P, R, T, U, Z;
         see Liu et al. for a description)
  Porb = orbital period, where known [h]
  _RAJ2000, _DEJ2000 = position [decimal degrees]
  RAJ2000, DEJ2000 = position [d:m:s]
  VMAG = apparent visual magnitude [mag]
  l_FX = limit flag for FX
  FX = characteristic 2-10 keV X-ray flux  [uJy]

The table includes a column disc_bibcode listing the discovery reference.
Most of these are copied from Jean in 't Zand's list of 101 X-ray burst
sources, at The biblabel
column gives an abbreviated label for the reference, for bibliographic

The table incorporates information on the column density towards the
source, listed in the nH and nH_err columns. These values are taken
from Jean in 't Zand's wfcbursts_CATALOGNH_vs6.dat file. The source for
the values is given by the bibiographic code (and label) in the columns
nH_bibcode and nH_biblabel; for those values which are obtained by other
methods, the source is described in the nH_biblabel column.

From version 1.4 onwards, the file also lists the number of bursts,
observations, and the total exposure for the source, currently held
in the Multi-INstrument Burst ARchive (version 0.9).
These quantities are in the columns nburst, nobs, and exp (in ks).

v2.8 (26th August 2020)
Added orbital periods, refs for pulsars IGR J17480-2446,
Swift J1749.4-2807 & IGR J17498-2921

 v2.7 (1st June 2020)
Corrected erroneous nH value for SAX J1810.8-2609, was 3.5 (x10^22)

v2.6 (24th April 2020)
Added new burst source Swift J1858.6-0814, based on detection with
NICER and NuSTAR; transient dipper
Added new burst source IGR J17591-2342, based on detection with

v2.5 (26th November 2019)
Added I code for SAX J1748.9-2021, based on detection of intermittent
pulsation (Altamirano et al. 2008)
Added new burst source MAXI J1807+132, bursts detected by NICER

v2.4 (October 2019)
Minor fixes

v2.3 (29th April 2019)
Added T? code to SLX 1744-299 (to match -300)
Updated name for XTE J1812-182, and added C? code
Corrected position and reference for 1A 1742-289
Corrected name for IGR J17380-3749 (was -3747)
Added position uncertainty for 4U 1850-086, updated reference
Added P_orb entry, reference for XB 1830-330

v2.2 (1st April 2019)
Updated type, nH for IGR J17062-6143 following discovery of pulsations

v2.1 (14th March 2019)
Added discovery strings and references, courtesy J. in 't Zand
Added "O" code for SAX J1810.8-2609, reflecting burst oscillation
by Bilous et al. (2018, ApJL 862, L4)

v2.0 (23rd April 2018)
Updated 100 source positions with best available values in literature.
Added confidence value for positional error, and ADS bibliographic
Added new burst sources MAXI J1621-501 and 4U 1543-62
Added "C" code indicating ultracompact binary

v1.16 (5th March 2018)
Completed set of reference bibcodes for discovery and nH values

v1.15 (11th September 2017)
Updated numbers including missing JEM-X bursts through rev. 1166
Added nH value and bibcodes etc. for IGR J17254-3257

v1.14 (9th August 2017)
Added XTE J1812-182 following detection of RXTE bursts in archival data
Added Swift J181723.1-164300 following likely burst detection by Swift

v1.13 (17th May 2017)
Added IGR J17445-2747, following JEM-X burst detection on 2017 Apr 10

v1.12 (24th November 2016)
Updated burst source type codes, introducing I (intermittent pulsar),
O (burst oscillation source) and S (superburst source)
Also updated burst numbers and exposure, factoring in RXTE FOV

v1.11 (8th Septebmer 2016)
Updated burst numbers for MINBAR v0.9

v1.10 (6th June 2016)
Added 4U 1822-000; updated entries for IGR J00291+5934
Added Porb_flag, Porb_bibcode and Porb_biblabel columns for references
related to the orbital period value given. The flag value is "?" where
the periodicity is a candidate only
Corrected type, orbital period for 1A 1742-289 (!= AX J1745.6-2901)

v1.9 (11th September 2015)
Added IGR J00291+5934

v1.8 (2nd July 2015)
Added MAXI J1421-613 & Swift J1734.5-3027

v1.7 (23rd September 2013)
Added nH value and error for IGR J17498-2921

v1.6 (7th August 2013)
Added nH value and reference for Swift J1922.7-1716, IGR J17380-3747,
IGR J18245-2452 and IGR J17480-2446

v1.5 (25th June 2013)
Added new burst source IGR J18245-2452, copied from modified version of
source list v1.3 supplied by J. Chenevez.
Replaced IGR J17364-2711 with correct source designator IGR J17380-3747

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