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MINBAR Source Table Column Description

Description of the columns of minbar_sources.fits

Column nametypeunitsdescription
NAME22A Source name label
Type7A Source type, following Liu & van Paradijs 2007: A: known atoll source; B: X-ray burst source; D: ”dipping”; E: eclipsing or partially eclipsing; G: globular-cluster source; M: microquasar; P: X-ray pulsar; R: radio loud X-ray binary; T: transient X-ray source; U: ultra-soft X-ray spectrum; Z: Z-source
RA_OBJEdegRight ascension
ERR_RADEdegError radius
recnoJ Record number in catalog of Liu & van Paradijs 2007 (where listed)
Name_221A Name in Liu & van Paradijs 2007
SeparationDarcsecSeparation betweein INTEGRAL source and matched Liu & van Paradijs 2007 source
bibcode21A Bibliographic code
biblabel12A Bibliographic label (for reference purposes)
nHE10^22 cm^-2Neutral column density towards the source
nH_errD10^22 cm^-2Error on nH
nH_bibcode21A Bibiographic code for nH source (where available)
nH_biblabel53A Bibliographic label for nH (for reference purposes)
COMMENTS132A Alternative names for the source
PorbDhOrbital period
VmagEmagApparent visual magnitude of counterpart
l_FXA Limit flag on X-ray flux
FXDuJyMaximum or range of X-ray flux

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