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MINBAR v0.8 release notes

This page describes MINBAR release v0.8. This version is an incremental update with some added attribute values. The catalog contains analysis results from 8372 unique events (6988 type=1), from 84 burst sources.


A new burst source has been added to the list of known bursters; the 599-Hz millisecond pulsar IGR J00291+5934


The table has now been augmented with (for the RXTE bursts) persistent flux levels and spectral colours, copied from the minbar-obs database. Preliminary colour-colour diagrams have been generated for 4U 1702-429, 4U 1636-536 and 4U 1608-52, and S_Z values for observations (and bursts) of those sources have been set.

Missing bursts from 4U 1728–34 and MXB 1730–335, mostly detected in offset fields, have been added to the sample; several other bursts have been ruled out, including the three bursts with missing light curves (and observations); these are from SCWs


The observation database has been augmented with additional spectral fits of RXTE observations, spectral (photon count) colours, and (for selected sources) preliminary S_Z values.

The persistent spectral analysis results of BeppoSAX data have been updated with the latest analysis (v5, 14/8/15). These also include the spectral (photon count) colours from the models, for consistency with the latest RXTE and JEM-X fits.

960 missing instr attributes for RXTE observations have been set, and approximately 1150 missing duration values also for RXTE observations have been added. 264 missing BeppoSAX observations have been added to the table, via, with new analysis results provided by J. in 't Zand 2015 Sep 15

The count, counte columns for the JEM-X observations have been replaced with the values from the spectra, which are thought to be more reliable than the values from the light curves.

Cross-calibration for JEM-X, RXTE/PCA, counts & spectra; and for BeppoSAX, RXTE/PCA, counts & spectra, have been completed, and the offsets have been incorporated into the calculations of gamma

The flag value definitions have also been updated, to include

  • an "invalid entry" category (flag=-1), required to omit some BeppoSAX observations that failed the latest reprocessing stage
  • a "missing spectrum" category (flag+=32), required to flag JEM-X observations without an available spectrum (which then have to use the count rate from the light curve)

The observation database has been augmented with additional spectral fits of RXTE observations, spectral colours, and (for 4U 1702-429, 4U 1636-536 and 4U 1608-52) preliminary S_Z values. need to be revised with photon count colours


Below is a table describing the properties of the burst catalog as of version 0.8 (adapted from summary_v0.8.txt)

 No. of burstsNo. of obs
4U 0513-4020132358902456311984866.7
4U 0614+091102493146206594266.4
EXO 0748-676162175223597414676512737787.1
4U 0836-429170617829154136415477058.6
2S 0918-54943072813081837725577.9
4U 1246-588040419025363910826514.4
4U 1254-69726134912203376485249.4
SAX J1324.5-63130101017098811586243.6
4U 1323-62401148982726698312767424.6
Cir X-113011478117374516997479.0
4U 1608-5225636501411115168174530289149.9
4U 1636-536381701966451543143135530419485.8
XTE J1701-46230258650142922945778.1
MXB 1658-29826102712224877811486276.9
4U 1702-4295012065234211268112816078273.0
4U 1705-32010113212133615617167.3
4U 1705-44947878248510259113018998430.0
XTE J1709-2673441138257105113466816.1
XTE J1710-281460147125247131916917739.2
4U 1708-40001114279101913127084.3
SAX J1712.6-3739020215286109113927324.2
2S 1711-33901462010266157218488284.5
RX J1718.4-40290101027896212406834.4
1H 1715-3210011550247325286539.0
IGR J17191-28215005190286228817225.6
XTE J1723-376390124281122615117612.6
IGR J17254-325700111130311731207910.4
4U 1722-3042458861212214294463614892.3
4U 1728-3417543748011004002663375404114038.6
MXB 1730-33512801933493632663905453414537.2
KS 1731-260273420366812634508485215593.9
SLX 1732-3040011605364537013442.8
SLX 1735-269122023782625264560417500.2
4U 1735-44423394662152464639246207.7
XTE J1739-2856037432605818584414828.8
SLX 1737-282012312645814607918737.1
KS 1741-293181928382616106640519812.9
GRS 1741.9-28538415273642616124674921144.0
1A 1742-2890033406151615515630.6
1A 1742-2948818648776002636084634719520.8
SAX J1747.0-2853274241108412636108641219758.2
IGR J17464-28110022805958596615149.5
IGR J17473-2721450176118305699588214752.5
SLX 1744-3002447203273202695934622319332.7
GX 3+13601311941052585413577618011.4
IGR J17480-244630300303800787270.4
EXO 1745-248223125722624472480614801.2
1A 1744-3613014520216322155768.2
SAX J1748.9-20212917046168258144018668142.1
Swift J1749.4-280700111407477612046.6
IGR J17498-29212002310839158.0
4U 1746-3729173751280148318148338.0
SAX J1750.8-2900716124972675938630219406.2
EXO 1747-214001100204920495519.5
GRS 1747-3127311211112745461584618117.5
IGR J17511-3057100816740107911533395.1
SAX J1752.3-3138011202705199546917075.8
SAX J1753.5-2349011282603646391413278.8
AX J1754.2-27540022005484548413816.4
IGR J17597-220190615390204420835741.7
SAX J1806.5-2215440849258184621539166.9
2S 1803-2450303192582767304411440.2
SAX J1808.4-36589301256927490317468064.6
XTE J1810-1898010181750106912443454.8
SAX J1810.8-2609611017362572821311411426.8
XTE J1814-338280028910153316244381.0
GX 13+100118726196513137822.0
4U 1812-1201862447267112014346701.4
GX 17+215131038198270102214907210.1
SAX J1818.7+142401120991602591822.5
4U 1820-3031649267247260116816758314.2
AX J1824.5-24510011340105110853071.7
SAX J1828.5-10370101141150815233164.6
GS 1826-24782719444014025069910896473.4
XB 1832-330114419132624056805133.0
Ser X-119729551001205567763078.4
4U 1850-086103427113115512953652.1
HETE J1900.1-24558021036301745371482.7
Aql X-17531896677114110818996086.1
XB 1916-0531481436541193204932388.3
XTE J2123-05860061376089787.4
4U 2129+1262086969241621291.9
Cyg X-27000705512191298995044.7
SAX J2224.9+54210101014464471123.9

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