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MINBAR v0.7 release notes

This page describes MINBAR release v0.7. This version is an incremental update including the final set of bursts from RXTE, and with some added attribute values. The catalog contains analysis results from 8289 unique events (6909 type=1), from 84 burst sources.


The table has now been augmented with 214 additional bursts from RXTE, that were part of the burst database, but not yet part of minbar. The gamma values have been calculated, using the latest (v2) Eddington fluxes (stored in the file EddingtonFluxes_v2.dat). Duplicates have been fixed via setting the type attribute to 0, and indicating in the notes for both events.

The columns relating to the burst energetics etc. (pcount, pcounte, pflux, pfluxe, fluen, fluene, emin, emax, bpflux, bpfluxe, kT, kTe, rad, rade, bfluen, & bfluene) have been set for the RXTE bursts, based on the latest analysis results, with up-to-date response matrices and deadtime corrections. The flags have been updated to reflect the conditions for individual bursts.

Have also invalidated the other likely spurious event (#5883, GS 1826-24, observed by JEM-X 1 on MJD 53672.23422) identified in v0.6

There remain four bursts from Celia's search for which I did not have the light curve; these are from SCWs

Outstanding tasks:

  • update summary columns in source table
  • update burst_ref database with references from chelov06, chelov11 for JEM-X bursts
  • carry out lightcurve profile fits, and populate burst db columns
  • carry out time-resolved spectral fits (where possible), and populate burst db columns
  • create, upload burst lightcurve pages to wiki


The observation database has been augmented with 1514 additional RXTE observations. minbar-obs now includes 233792 observations from 99 sources.

Outstanding tasks:

  • set counte column for all observations (currently, erroneously set to 1 for BeppoSAX, RXTE observations)
  • share JEM-X lightcurves & data with collaboration
  • review replacement lightcurves (originals with gaps)
  • carry out spectral analyses, and update db
  • create, upload observation lightcurve pages to wiki
  • cross-calibration for JEM-X, RXTE/PCA, counts & spectra
  • cross-calibration for BeppoSAX, RXTE/PCA, counts & spectra


Below is a table describing the properties of the burst catalog as of version 0.7 (adapted from summary_v0.7.txt)

 No. of burstsNo. of obs
4U 0513-4020132358892456311984865.5
4U 0614+091102493146206594119.5
EXO 0748-676162175223597404676512737753.0
4U 0836-429170597629154136415477050.6
2S 0918-54953082813081837725577.9
4U 1246-588040418925363910826513.8
4U 1254-69726134912203376485249.4
SAX J1324.5-63130101017098811586243.6
4U 1323-62401148982726698312767424.6
Cir X-113011478117374516997462.8
4U 1608-5225637491411109168174530289145.2
4U 1636-536381701956441542143135530409454.6
XTE J1701-46230258650142922945777.0
MXB 1658-2982610279924877811476225.8
4U 1702-4295011865231211268112816078273.0
4U 1705-32010113212133615617167.3
4U 1705-44947978249510259113018998421.7
XTE J1709-2673441138257105113466816.1
XTE J1710-281470148123247131916917731.1
4U 1708-40001114279101913127084.3
SAX J1712.6-3739020215286109113927324.2
2S 1711-33901451910266157218488284.5
RX J1718.4-40290101027896212406834.4
1H 1715-3210011550247325286539.0
IGR J17191-28215005190286228817225.6
XTE J1723-376390124281122615117602.1
IGR J17254-325700111130311731207910.4
4U 1722-3042459871212214294463614892.3
4U 1728-3415243648210673992663374403914028.7
MXB 1730-3357101932641512663905432214115.2
KS 1731-260273420366812634508485215593.9
SLX 1732-3040011605364537013441.8
SLX 1735-269122023252625264560417236.9
4U 1735-44423394662142464639246181.5
XTE J1739-285603743005818584414694.9
SLX 1737-282012312645814607918737.1
KS 1741-29318192802616106640419526.8
GRS 1741.9-285384152702616124674919564.9
1A 1742-2890033006151615515621.0
1A 1742-2948818648675902636084634719520.8
SAX J1747.0-285327424110802636108641219587.3
IGR J17464-28110022005958596615128.8
IGR J17473-2721450176118305699588214752.5
SLX 1744-300254720227312695932622119168.9
GX 3+13601311941052585413577617976.3
IGR J17480-2446305003050078619.1
EXO 1745-248223125722624472480614794.8
1A 1744-3613014520216322155768.2
SAX J1748.9-20212917046168258144018668140.4
Swift J1749.4-28070011007477611995.8
IGR J17498-292120020083918.0
4U 1746-3730173851280148318148338.0
SAX J1750.8-2900716124972675938630219406.2
EXO 1747-214001100204920495519.5
GRS 1747-31273112102745461584617832.5
IGR J17511-305790815580107911953218.0
SAX J1752.3-3138011202705199546917075.8
SAX J1753.5-2349011282603646391413278.8
AX J1754.2-27540022005484548413816.4
IGR J17597-220190615390204420835741.7
SAX J1806.5-2215440849258184621539166.9
2S 1803-2450303192582767304411440.2
SAX J1808.4-36589301252927490317467772.2
XTE J1810-1898010181740106912443321.4
SAX J1810.8-2609611017362572821311411426.8
XTE J1814-338280028910153316244368.8
GX 13+100118726196513137822.0
4U 1812-1201862447267112014346701.4
GX 17+215131038198270102214907210.1
SAX J1818.7+142401120991602591822.5
4U 1820-3031649267247260116816758302.8
AX J1824.5-24510011340105110852945.7
SAX J1828.5-10370101140150815223150.1
GS 1826-24782719444014025069910896466.5
XB 1832-3301144191304054181043.4
Ser X-119729551001205567763068.0
4U 1850-086103427113115512953652.1
HETE J1900.1-24558021036001745371465.6
Aql X-17531896650114110818995958.8
XB 1916-0531481436541193204932388.3
XTE J2123-0587007776089768.6
4U 2129+1262086969241621291.9
Cyg X-27000705512191298995044.7
SAX J2224.9+54210101004464461098.7
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