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MINBAR v0.6 release notes

4th December 2013

This page describes MINBAR release v0.6. This is the first version of MINBAR containing observations and bursts from the JEM-X camera onboard INTEGRAL. The catalog contains analysis results from 6680 unique events, from 83 burst sources. The preliminary version of the new data has been uploaded to the MINBAR web interface at


All 2514 verified type-I burst candidates observed by JEM-X have been added to the database, along with 1368 type-II candidates. Only the burst start times are available for now.

At present the categorisation of type-II bursts (via the new type attribute; see below) for the Rapid Burster is extremely preliminary, and there are likely many bursts which have incorrect type. The type attribute may also be used down the track to eliminate duplicates and spurious events

Below is a running list of identified events that are certainly or likely spurious:

  • 4U 0836-429, observed by JEM-X 2 on MJD 52984.74739 (#8071, observation ID 014101090010); duplicate of #4800
  • GS 1826-24, observed by JEM-X 1 on MJD 53672.23422 (#5883, observation ID 037100510010); 20 min prior to burst #5884; low-significance trigger from Celia's search that was not confirmed in Duncan's search, or the imaging

There are four bursts from Celia's search for which I did not have the light curve; these are from SCWs

Minor changes to the database structure include

  • removed the altname, ref, ref_ids columns, and stored these entries instead in a new burst_ref db.
  • added a type column to distinguish between thermonuclear and accretion instability events.

Outstanding tasks:

  • update summary columns in source table
  • update burst_ref database with references from chelov06, chelov11
  • carry out lightcurve profile fits, and populate burst db columns
  • carry out time-resolved spectral fits (where possible), and populate burst db columns
  • create, upload burst lightcurve pages to wiki


The JEM-X lightcurves through revolution 915 have been extensively verified to ensure consistent file naming for all observations, and correct source attribution. minbar-obs now includes 204938 observations from 95 sources; 161880 from JEM-X 1, and 43058 from JEM-X 2 (includes some observations for which both instruments were on). Although the initial target data covered up to revolution 915, the long lead time on preparing the data means that some extra observations crept in. The latest observation in the database is from revolution 1166. The available analysis results are limited to count rates, and excludes spectral analyses (for now)

Minor changes to the database structure include

  • added a counte column (uncertainty on mean count rate)
  • removed the (unused) altname, ref, ref_ids columns
  • increased the maximum size of the database to 500000 entries, sufficient to accommodate all the JEM-X observations
  • increased the number of characters allowed for burster names to 30.

Outstanding tasks:

  • set counte column for all observations (currently, erroneously set to 1 for BeppoSAX, RXTE observations)
  • share JEM-X lightcurves & data with collaboration
  • review replacement lightcurves (originals with gaps)
  • carry out spectral analyses, and update db
  • create, upload observation lightcurve pages to wiki
  • cross-calibration for JEM-X, RXTE/PCA, counts & spectra
  • cross-calibration for BeppoSAX, RXTE/PCA, counts & spectra


Below is a table describing the properties of the burst catalog as of version 0.6

 No. of burstsNo. of obs
4U 0513-4020132358482456311564814.7
4U 0614+091102446146206123939.7
EXO 0748-676162175223597404676512727753.0
4U 0836-429170607729154136415477050.6
2S 0918-54953082413081837325526.1
4U 1246-5880404952536399876438.2
4U 1254-69726134882203376455246.5
SAX J1324.5-63130101017098811586243.6
4U 1323-62301148881526698312647383.0
Cir X-112011371517374516337374.1
4U 1608-522533749138990168174529039008.8
4U 1636-536336701955991327143135528259099.3
XTE J1701-46230258650142922945777.0
MXB 1658-2982610278024877811066188.1
4U 1702-4295011865231211268112816078273.0
4U 1705-3201011212133615497126.9
4U 1705-44937978248426259113018158282.6
XTE J1709-2673441138257105113466816.1
XTE J1710-281410142105247131916717668.3
4U 1708-40001114279101913127084.3
SAX J1712.6-3739020215286109113927324.2
2S 1711-33901451910266157218488284.5
RX J1718.4-40290101027896212406834.4
1H 1715-3210011550247325286539.0
IGR J17191-28215005190286228817225.6
XTE J1723-376390124281122615117602.1
IGR J17254-325700111130311731207910.4
4U 1722-3042458871212214294463614892.3
4U 1728-3414443647910593772663374401713968.2
MXB 1730-3357101932641512663905432214115.2
KS 1731-260273420366812634508485215593.9
SLX 1732-3040011605364537013441.8
SLX 1735-26912202302625264557917192.5
4U 1735-44423394661972464639066127.8
XTE J1739-285603743005818584414694.9
SLX 1737-282012312645814607918737.1
KS 1741-29318192802616106640419526.8
GRS 1741.9-285384152702616124674919564.9
1A 1742-2890033006151615515621.0
1A 1742-2948518648675602636084634719520.8
SAX J1747.0-285326424110702636108640719587.3
IGR J17464-28110022005958596615128.8
IGR J17473-2721450176118305699588214752.5
SLX 1744-300194720627112695932622119168.9
GX 3+13601311941052585413577617976.3
IGR J17480-244620200202007716.3
EXO 1745-248223125722624472480614794.8
1A 1744-3613014510216322145765.1
SAX J1748.9-20212917046120258144018188054.9
Swift J1749.4-28070011007477611995.8
4U 1746-3730173851280148318148338.0
SAX J1750.8-2900716124972675938630219406.2
EXO 1747-214001100204920495519.5
GRS 1747-31273112102745461583917832.5
IGR J17511-3057120818580107911953218.0
SAX J1752.3-3138011202705199546917075.8
SAX J1753.5-2349011282603646391413278.8
AX J1754.2-27540022005484548413816.4
IGR J17597-220190615390204420835741.7
SAX J1806.5-221504040258184621049024.6
2S 1803-2450303192582767304411440.2
SAX J1808.4-36588301148527490316627628.6
XTE J1810-1898010181610106912303259.5
SAX J1810.8-2609611017362572821311411426.8
XTE J1814-338280028910153316244368.8
GX 13+100118726196513137822.0
4U 1812-1201862431267112014186659.7
GX 17+214131138181270102214737169.0
SAX J1818.7+142401120991602591822.5
4U 1820-3031449265232260116816608249.6
AX J1824.5-24510011340105110852945.7
SAX J1828.5-10370101140150815223150.1
GS 1826-24752719543813525069910846425.5
XB 1832-3301144191304054181043.4
Ser X-11972955821205567583049.7
4U 1850-086103427113115512953652.1
HETE J1900.1-2455702931701744911371.6
Aql X-17231893585114110818075803.0
XB 1916-0531481436541193204932388.3
XTE J2123-0586006576081763.5
4U 2129+1212033369241261191.6
Cyg X-26600664952191298434913.8
SAX J2224.9+54210101004464461098.7
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