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Here we keep text that is to be included dynamically on the burst pages

This page displays the lightcurve and parameters in MINBAR DR1 for this event (Galloway et al. 2020).

This plot shows the segment of the 1-s binned lightcurve surrounding the event. Shaded regions indicate the error range for the count rate. The plot is resizeable; just click and drag on the figure area with the mouse. Double-click to restore the original shape. The figure in the box at the lower-left is the window size for the rolling average

Parameters from the MINBAR DR1 analysis for this burst; click here for a description of each parameter.

Time resolved spectral files are available for selected RXTE/PCA and BeppoSAX/WFC bursts only.

The file formats are described here.

Please report any issues with this page or the linked files to

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Page last modified on February 05, 2021, at 04:36 AM