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4U 1636–536 2001 Feb

This profile forms part of the sample assembled for the paper "Thermonuclear burst observations for model comparisons: a reference catalogue" by Galloway, Goodwin & Keek (2017), to be submitted to PASA

This profile is of the super burst observed by the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer in 2001 Feb, and the time-resolved spectroscopic data is derived from analysis in Keek et al., ApJ 789, 121 (2014) The burst emission is assumed to be the blackbody luminosity.

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The figure shows the results of time-resolved spectroscopic analysis. The estimated blackbody flux is plotted as green symbols & line, while the reflection flux is indicated by the blue symbols & line, both in units of 10-9 erg cm-2 s-1

All uncertainties are at 1-sigma (68%) confidence. Note that the time value specifies the BEGINNING of the time bin

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